Putting all the Pieces Together

A much as I love Tutus I never knew making one was so easy! After my friend and co-worker spotted a picture on Pinterest of Disney Princesses with Tutus we thought we should do that here at work for Halloween. I knew I wanted to be Ariel she is my favorite Disney Princess!


Sleeping Beauty’s Pink Prettiness.

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Let the Drama begin



The other night I had a dream that I was trying to put together my Halloween Costume which reminded me of all the new festivities around the corner. Dressing up like a bridesmaid this weekend reminded me of the whole dressing up and it was so much fun. Part of the fun of Halloween is not only the evening but the creativity involved. Sometimes life can get so busy with duties but it’s important to let that childlike heart play and to create something new, you never know what you might come up with.

Summertime in the L.B.C. and Beyond

Hello August

This summer has been quite interesting thus far. It’s really helpful to inspire others to go after their dreams and to let them know that I believe in them. I think that is one of the most rewarding things in helping others creatively. I had a photo shoot this weekend with the illustrative Wentrelle Damarr that involved an old-friends and an old-timey feeling. I enjoyed directing shots and imagining how they would look on his new website and or album cover.

Afterwards we went to the recording studio where I met Tek from Backstage Media of Inland Empire. They recorded some verbal dialogue for Wentrelle’s cd interludes. It brought me back to summertime in High School in Sacramento where friends would randomly flow their lyrical talents.


This was a far cry from Texas where I also visited this summer. I love that the airport in Dallas is called Love Field. I just loved being able to get away and see what all the fuss is about in TX. Visiting the Dallas Museum of Art was a real treat and seeing this beautiful collage inside was so perfect to see while listening to Lana Del Rey’s National Anthem and anticipating the 4th of July.


New projects on the horizon is Branding for a DYI home goods creator and collateral material for an Educational Company. I just never know what’s going to come up but it’s always good to recharge the creative juices at the beach so that I can keep rolling right along.

What is your Work-Mode?


After completing a Invitation/party flyer for a very nice person I am on to a new logo for an amazing jewelry designer which I am excited about. So working on sketches for that and also painting a wooden shield as a commissioned piece ( I know random :) ) It is reminding me how much I love to paint and how I really want to do a new collage mixed media piece.

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The theme was Refresh! There were a few ideas tossed around, a splash, a waterfall, spa rocks. What would women associate with being refreshed? This was what was discussed for this years Women’s Day put on by the Greater Long Beach Church of Christ. I got the privilege of designing the pieces that would represent the theme scripture which was Psalm 46:10 “Be Still and Know that I am God ” After getting the input of some lovely ladies and researching a few ideas here are the finished pieces.


I decided to go with a fresh dewy looking aqua colored flower photograph. I was glad to know that the women were well pleased and Women’s Day was quite a success! I was grateful for this opportunity to use my abilities to be a part of such an amazing day. It reminds me of being in Theatre, where there is so much that goes on behind the scenes than is actually seen center stage.





Visual Music

Nothing inspires me more than music, especially music packaging. Which seems to be a lost art in this digital age. I will be posting creative pieces that reflect lyrics from whatever song inspires me at the moment. This piece is from the song “Heart Attack” by Trey Songz


Maybe it’s because I grew up in the suburbs that I am fascinated with urban city settings especially New York City. NYC is my favorite place to escape. Without sounding too much like Alicia Keys there is something so renewing about being there. The skyline reminds me of a heart beat scan. Which felt appropriate for the background of this piece.

Enjoyably Serious Inspiration

photo (11)

Spotted these perfume packages all in one place and it made my heart beat. I love all the girlishness of perfume bottles and packaging. The ads also have a mystery to them that is intriguing because they almost tell a story but leave it to your imagination.


Kosher Roots Logo & Business Card

photo (10)

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Dear Design Student,

I was recently inquired for some advice from a graphic design student and so I decided to post my answer here. I have definitely made mistakes in my journey to be a graphic designer but at least my errors can be someone else’s gain.

photo (7)

Be prepared to do what seems impossible.

Dear Design Student,

 There is definitely more to designing than one would like to think. It’s definitely more than just creativity. My advice to you would be to learn about production first. You don’t know how many times I have received files to print that are not set up correctly to actually produce good work. It’s so important and will save you time and money. Production files are set up differently for apparel than they are for print or web. So make sure you learn the technical terms such as file sizes, dpi, bleeds, crops and proofs. It can all be overwhelming at first but can save you so many headaches in the end.

If you already know what industry you want to go in, try to create the best work you can for that industry. School will make you learn how to design for all types of things. Don’t get me wrong the more you know the better but it’s best to be strong in one area first (such as graphic design for apparel or packaging) than build on that.

Internships are great for learning more but make sure you get one with a company that is willing to train and invest in you as a young designer and is not just trying to hire an intern for free work.

Be willing to do work for little pay or no pay when you are just starting out in order to have solid samples in your portfolio if you don’t already have a full portfolio from school. Make great friendships with other designers. You guys can really feed off of each other in ideas and problem solving, plus it just makes it more fun.

And lastly, most likely when you do get hired as a graphic designer it most likely won’t consist of just designing. You may be asked to do all sorts of other things like creating quotes, answering phones and handling client questions. Be willing to do whatever it takes to be a valuable employee and you will be valued overall and not just as a designer. Because there are tons of designers out there so set yourself apart by knowing production, being a hard worker and always willing to learn new things.

If anything particular comes up you would like to ask me just send me an email at rayna@studiorayn.com.

Thanks for asking!

~ rayna

What is a mood board?



This is the mood board I did for studiorayn.com, representing the look and feel of the design studio. It represents being fueled by passion with a playful heart and a modern edge. I was making mood boards before I knew what they were called, I would just call them collages.

A mood board is a collection of images/palettes/samples to display the “look and feel” of a particular brand. It’s really important in branding to keep the “look and feel” consistent. They are really effective when it comes to staying on a path of a design brand. They can also be really effective in decorating a room in your house.


This was another one I did for a circus themed project. It’s especially helpful when you want a look that is unique such as two themes mixed together such as glam and circus.

So if you want a logo designed or are even putting on an event. It’s good to start collecting things right away that conveys the feeling and mood you would like represented. That way when you go to do your mood board you don’t have to start from scratch.


This one was made for a luxury client and consists mostly of magazine tear-outs but your mood-board might have swatches, old labels or photographs. Whatever helps represent the vision. No matter what you are designing or desiring, a mood board will help keep the focus and put you in a creative mood.